Our Story

I remember, very keenly, my first day back at work after my mother passed away.  I wasn’t ready to go back to work.  In fact, as I struggled to get out of bed I felt this very real weight pushing me back into the comfort of my blanket. The only thing I wanted to do that morning was to lay in my bed and let my thoughts find their way to my mom. I thought about taking one more day, but as a business owner I didn’t really have that luxury.  Besides, in my heart I knew “one more day” would lead to “one more day” and then another. 

As I labored through my morning routine, I became anxious over what I would encounter throughout my day.  I felt awful inside, and it was taking every bit of energy I had to keep it together.  How was I going to smile at clients? How was I going to close that sale? How could I enjoy the goodness of the day and find the strength to overcome the bad? It was just all so overwhelming and exhausting and I hadn’t even made it out the door yet. 

The faster my mind raced, the slower I seemed to get dressed.  Then, as I was buttoning my shirt I found myself saying aloud “Trust the Lord”.  I was repeating it over and over as I dressed and before long my focus shifted from my anxieties to my knowledge that God does not fail.  Whatever the day brought, I could trust the Lord to be my strength when I came up short.  It was a reminder that to crawl back into bed was to doubt His ability to see me through. 

And then I thought, what if this isn't just my story? What if others shared a version of my story and might also need a reminder that God's got this - whatever it is!

This is what Trust The Lord Ministry is all about – a physical reminder that God does not fail you; that you can confidently take on any situation trusting that our God is here for us.

Sometimes, it’s the big hurts, and sometimes it’s just the overwhelming feeling of the small things piled up that bury our knowledge of who He is and what He can do.

My name is Bobby Acosta, and I am the founder and CEO of Trust the Lord. I created this brand for those times when the world seems to tell you, "you can’t overcome".  Trust the Lord Products are our reminder that you can through Him, because He already has.